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On Location

My photography sessions are fun and relaxed and are made up of beautifully posed family portraits and lots of fun candid images showing the true emotions and connections your family share.

My style is very clean and bright, I love smiles but I also love fun, laughter, hugs and kisses. I love to start your session with some full family portraits and always end with the kids playing, running and wanting more!

I adore spending time with kids so you may see us dance, or sing or play games. This helps us capture their genuine smiles, their playful nature and that magic twinkle in their eye. But rest assured I will go out of my way to make your session as relaxed and enjoyable for all (dads included!) so I am able to capture true moments that your family will treasure always.

There is no time limit placed on the session. You can expect the session to last for approximately 1 hour but depending on the age of the kids it may be a little longer or a little less. The absolute best time of the day to hold your session is in the lovely soft afternoon or early morning light. I personally prefer afternoon sessions simply because for a morning session you have to get up quite early to get ready in time which may not always suit each person in the family, and after all we want everyone happy =D .

Depending on location I usually suggest your session start approximately 60 mins before sunset (or within 30 mins of sunrise) but if you feel these times would not accommodate your family or children I am more then happy for us to find a time that suits your family.

And if you wake on the day to find cloud or an overcast day please dont be alarmed, photographers dream of cloudy days for sessions because it makes for the BEST light and BEST chance of sunsets!

I am in absolute love with my job and if you notice I get a bit excited on the phone prior to your session this is because every single family is so important to me and I love to know every perfect detail you have envisioned for your session. You have come to me because you have a unique vision of how you wish your family to be captured and it is my pleasure to bring your vision to life through beautiful images that you can display in your home, to admire and to share with family and friends.

Your family is the gift you have given to the world and I would love to capture these gifts for you to look back on and treasure.

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In the Studio

Newborn sessions are held in my home studio at Fairy Hill, 2470 NSW. The studio is open for Newborn sessions Tuesdays,  Wednesdays & Thursdays. The absolute best time to photograph newborns is within their first 14 days. This gives me the best chance of capturing those lovely sleepy curly shots of your baby. After two weeks it becomes a little harder to settle and calm bub for photographing however newborn sessions are still available after this time.

Due to the unexpected nature of birth I take estimate bookings of the time of your due date. Once you arrive home from hospital with your new baby please contact me as soon as possible to arrange your newborn session.

Newborn sessions start between 9am and 10am depending on the time of the year and generally take from 2 to 4 hours to allow enough time for feeding, cuddles and settling. The studio is kept snug and warm all year round to ensure baby is comfortable when being photographed with little or no clothing. So please ensure everyone else is dressed in something cool and comfortable.

In every newborn session I strive to cover images of baby only, baby with mum, baby with dad, baby with both parents, baby with any siblings and the whole family together. However the total number of poses and setups will depend solely on the babies nature on the day. Your babies safety and comfort is my greatest importance on the day so I will not force or discomfort your baby for any one particular pose. All babies, just like adults have individual ways they do and don't like to sleep.

The safety and happiness of your baby is my absolute priority. Myself, and all members of my home, are fully immunised and up to date with all newborn vaccination requirements. I have completed training with a certified trainer on the safety and needs of newborns and at no time will I ever leave your baby unattended or unsupported.

Our home is completely smoke and pet free, all my wraps, blankets, head wear and newborn clothing's are washed with 100% natural products to minimise the chance of any reaction on their very delicate skin.

There is nothing so beautiful and so perfect than your newborn child. But I also know that from the moment they are in your arms everything turns just a little upside down while you adjust to this very precious addition to the family. So to help make your photo session as smooth and relaxing as possible I will send you a Customised Session Information Pack to help guide you once you have made your tentative booking.

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