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If you have a future booking with me then there is only one thing you need to bring to make sure your family images are absolutely perfect... And that is your boundless love for each other!

I strongly believe that all else is inferior to you, nothing is more beautiful then the connection you hold for one another. There is nothing more incredible then the way you look into your partner, the way you hold your child and the way your child sees the world. Everything else is just a bonus.

So although props, handmade clothing and head wear are in no way essential to create beautiful images of your family I still find it wonderful when my clients support incredibly talented artists who create such things.

So if you are looking for special inspiration, or wanting to purchase something similar to that which has been used in my work, I have created this reference guide to list all the suppliers I use and that many of my clients have used. 

In this way we can support each other and also I can give recognition to some incredibly talented individuals.

Children's Clothing:

Daisy Pie Design (adjacent image)

Nanny Penny

Purple Dragonflies (top left image)

Arabella and Rose (bottom image)

Lacey Lane

Willow & Bee

Nurture the nest

Bella Lei Prop Boutique

Lissy Rose

Liesel & Lou

Lillys little luxuries


Marlo kids

Tea Princess (top right image)

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Head Wear: Children & Adults

Arch N Ollie (adjacent, top left and bottom image)

Bloom Culture

K is for Kani 

Flower + Crowns by Lauren (top right image)

Handmade headbands by Sarah

Cheeky little fox

Lemon & Pearl

Little Doe

Maternity Gowns:

Bella Lei Prop Boutique

Sew Trendy (adjacent image)

AR Backdrops

Miss Madison Photoprops

Photo Prop Palace

Pips Photo Props

Shooting Stars AUS


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Additionally some of these props, head wear and clothing is owned by myself. All my clients are able to utilise any of my props for their session at no extra charge.

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