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Meet Hailey...

Hello!! I am so excited you are here.

Welcome to Aurora Belle Photography, my love, my life, my dream. I am Hailey and I am the girl behind the camera!

I was born right here on the North Coast of NSW, living on a small hobby farm, not too far from the beach, I have grown to the sound of both cattle grazing from the land, and on family holidays, the waves crashing on the sand. 

Some very simple fun facts about me: I rarely stop smiling, my favourite food is fried rice, I can never remember the ends of movies so when I re-watch them I am always surprised, early mornings excite me, late nights do not & English at school was not my strength (so please excuse any sepllnig mstiaeks) 

I have always loved taking photos of anything I found beautiful and interesting and as such for my 21st birthday my parents invested in my first DSLR camera. Then in 2014 my husband and I introduced our first daughter to the world and I have not been able to place my camera down since.

I come from a huge family, a family that has grown with me every year of my life. I have 16 siblings! 1 full, 2 half, 10 by law and 3 adopted in. And this doesn't even begin to cover the nieces and nephews!

'Its not what we have in life,

but who we have in our life that matters'

This defines me, I absolutely adore my family and photography is how I celebrate them, how I capture our every moments so I will never forget.

This is why I do what I do. I capture FAMILY. I celebrate every incredible piece of your family, your love, your smiles, your moments, your life - captured for you to treasure always!

Thank you for stopping by =D 

I hope to meet your beautiful family soon

Love Hails

Image courtesy of Stone & Sea Photography